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Ultra fast VPN servers across 94 countries. Unblock the sites and apps you love, instantly.

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We're fanatical about your privacy & security. Avoid being hacked or tracked, using powerful encryption.

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VPN Services

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CodeAdjust protects your IP address, so your online activity is out of sight of your Internet service provider and any creepy snoopers.

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What does VPN Service Provider mean?

A VPN service provider is a type of service provider that provides VPN services to end users and/or organizations. They provide their customers with a secure and private network that connects one or more locations, local networks or intranets together. A VPN service provider is also known as a VPN host.

VPN Service Provider

Besides providing a private network connection, a VPN service provider also provides end users with proxy servers to access restricted websites/content and to protect their identity. VPN service providers enable end users to access restricted content or any website anonymously without disclosing their location and identity. The services provided by a VPN service provider can be in various forms, such as:

  • Hosted/Cloud VPN: The client connects to over a web-based (cloud) VPN connection.
  • Public VPN: The VPN is hosted and accessed using public networks or the Internet..

features VPN Hosting



Private Tunnel secures and protects your path across the internet and works seamlessly across all devices. Our service delivers a reliable private internet access service and promises a smooth experience no matter how heavy your internet usage is.

Your IP address and other sensitive information stays hidden, which means that you get to securely access the internet or browse at top speeds.



We are not an anti-virus provider. We do offer technology that identifies and blocks many known malware threats that are on the internet today. We help block these potential attacks before they even get to you. It’s always good to have added layers of protection.

In today’s online world, anti-virus tools aren’t always enough to save you from threats. Save yourself the hassle of having to clean up infected devices by using Private Tunnel.



We have regions spanning the globe you can choose from to get unrestricted access to information online. Choose your location, and be where you want to be with the confidence of knowing your identity is secure and private.

By connecting to one of our servers, you protect your IP address, and can surf the net safely.


We offer the worldwide standard in encryption. AES’s block size makes it less open to attacks than other popular ciphers,making it the leading encryption algorithm.


Private Tunnel is built and developed by Open VPN, the de-facto standard in the open source networking space with over 50 million downloads since inception.


We're here for you on every level, providing 24/7 support online with our ticketing system. You can also access chat support right here and talk to someone immediately, at any time.

So What Are You Waiting For? It's Time To Speed-Up!

Contact us through chat or email us at [email protected] for registering your hassle free fully managed VPN hosting package.

VPN Hosting Features

Along with powerful virtualization by Virtuozzo and all other features of VPS, managed VPN hosting delivers significant advantage of robustness and speed. Apart from high level of security and independence from other sites, you can now also reap benefits of blazing fast performance due to solid state drive storages.

VPN Hosting Overview

01. Easy manageability with power userpanel

Virtuozzo power user panels to ease you in restarting, trouble shooting and backing up your VPN on yourself.

02. Best effort help with scripting and other errors

Our experts will help you in solving issues related to scripting and other errors. That's how we care for our customers.

03. Free backup

We provide free backup for all our client websites to assure that nothing is lost ever.

04. Free migrations

No matter which plan you are using currently, we will freely migrate you to VPN. All you need to do is rest while we will be migrating your website.

05. 99.9% uptime

With sophisticated hardware and processors, we guarantee you 99.9% uptime & assure that your website will be up almost every minute so that you don't loose a single visitor.

06. Faster speed

With VPN, everything is much faster than before.

07. Free control panel

We don't charge extras for control panels. In addition to already cost efficient packages, we offer free control panels. You can choose your one one among cPanel, Plesk & DirectAdmin.

08. VPSactionLog

We do the necessary server hardening and put in adequate firewall configuration to make your server fully secure.